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Volunteers will be expected to carry out their various tasks and responsibilities to the best of their ability. Below are the descriptions of the specific roles:


  • Volunteer Coordinators: Assist with updating volunteer opportunities on the volunteer database; assist with recruiting new volunteers at professional and community events; create a strategy for volunteer recognition and run volunteer orientations; assist with the development of a Volunteer Management Plan & Budget for 2017. The volunteer coordinators will report to the leadership team once a month on volunteer recruitment and coordination activities.


  • Membership Coordinators: Build and engage the CATP membership by developing and implementing strategies in collaboration with the CATP Leadership Team to increase membership and develop and maintain contact databases for the association.


  • Partnership Advisors: In collaboration with CATP leadership, develop partnerships to increase CATP’s capacity to write grants and to seek corporate sponsorship by engaging companies to support CATP programs and services.


  • Events Coordinators: Reporting to the leadership team representative in their respective city, a volunteer in the area of events coordination assists in the following roles: PRE-EVENT: liaison with event facilitators; assist with budgeting for the event; develop invitation lists, disseminate invitations and receive RSVPs for identified target audience and VIP guests; scout locations/venues for different events; assist in catering activities for food and beverages; coordinate supplies, decorations etc.; recruit event volunteers; recruit a photographer, cameramen, sound technician where applicable; secure screen projectors and other equipment; scout for MCs; coordinate activities. DURING EVENT: manage VIP and facilitator hospitality during activities and events; assist as hosts or hostess to welcome and guide guests during events, hand out promotional materials or gifts etc.; registration of invitees. POST EVENT: assist and supervise volunteers with venue clean up on day of event and coordinate “Thank You” notes for facilitators and sponsors.


  • Fundraisers: Help generate new fundraising ideas; provide support to develop an annual fundraising plan and budget; research and contact potential funders; manage potential partners contact database; assist with preparing funding proposals and pitches; assist with reports on funding; assist with monitoring, tracking and documenting all activities; build and maintain long term relationships with new, current and potential donors.


  • Communications Coordinators: Assist in documenting testimonials and success stories from CATP members, volunteers, partners and stakeholders interacting with CATP programs and/or attending the events; photograph special activities and events; interview and obtain feedback from stakeholders on their experiences and views of CATP; send media invitations for major events; media monitoring of CATP news and relevant community news of interest to the association.


  • Editorial contributors and blog authors: Assist with writing articles for CATP publications, blogs, newsletters, social media etc. Articles include biographies and profiles of featured CATP members, or notable community members and articles in various fields.


  • Translators: English to Kiswahili Work closely with the communications team and assist with translating community communication such as emails, e-Invites and announcements from English to Kiswahili.


  • Data entry and management officer: Assist with developing and managing of databases for the various stakeholders who interact with CATP; these may include: Tanzanians living in Canada, Tanzanians in Tanzania with an interest in Canada, African-Canadian professional associations in Canada, prominent African-Canadians in Canada, partners, government (VIPs & Dignitaries), government agencies, donors, event and program talent and suppliers and private corporations.


  • Website: Assistance to update the CATP website and social media with CATP news and announcements; update information; and manage photo galleries. 


  • Evaluation and reporting coordinator: Assist with evaluating and reporting on CATP programs, workshops and events by: developing surveys and questionnaires; distributing evaluations before the events; collecting evaluations after the events; reporting evaluation results; and making recommendations for improvement.


  • Youth Leadership Coordinators:  Supported by CATP, this role requires passionate youth leaders in all major Canadian cities, to nurture Tanzanian youth into creative, dynamic and illustrious leaders in Canada. Role includes: identifying the resources that would help support Tanzanian youth through education, networking, professional and skills development; match youth with mentors from within the Tanzanian community across the country.


How to Apply


Download and submit your application form and email to Deogratius Nondi


Once your application is received, the leadership team will review it and call you to explore your abilities, skills and availability, as well as to discuss the expectations of both parties.

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