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The Canadian Association of Tanzanian Professionals (CATP) is a member-based, federally incorporated association that represents professional excellence among Canadians of Tanzanian origin and Tanzanians in Canada. Inaugurated on June 4, 2016, the association attracts individuals in various fields and interests, enabling an environment for professional development and networking. This country-wide interaction and exchange aims to reach beyond Canada’s borders and to connect with institutions and professionals in Tanzania.



CATP will be a platform for excellence among Tanzanian professionals in both Tanzania and the diaspora.




To work with individual professionals, professional societies, governments, corporations and non-profit organizations to advance the career interests of Tanzanian Professionals in Canada and  link Tanzanian, Canadian and other governments, institutions and corporations and harness knowledge and skills.




CATP values hard work, honesty, integrity, acceptance of racial, ethnic, religious, professional and ideological differences. It also values respect, organizational loyalty, courtesy, accountability, trust, innovation and public service.



Tanzania has recently engaged its diaspora communities in Europe, North America and Australia. The Tanzanian diaspora conferences organized in these regions have been largely directed to promoting Tanzanian businesses overseas and encouraging investments in Tanzania. Only limited emphasis has been directed to establishing linkages between professionals in Tanzania and their counterparts in the diaspora. Therefore, in addition to financial investments, there is a great opportunity for Tanzania to tap into the talent pool and diaspora expertise.




The first Tanzanian Diaspora Conference in Canada was hosted by the Tanzanian Community Association of Northern Alberta (TANA) in October 2012.  The former President of the United Republic of Tanzania as well as other high level officials attended this milestone event. The conference gathered Tanzanians from across Canada. It was supported and organized by the diaspora conference organizing committee, TANA leadership, members of the Tanzanian Ismaili community in Edmonton and the Honorable Deepak Obrai (MP), former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Canada, who is also a member of the Tanzanian diaspora community of Calgary.


After this successful conference, the need to create a Canadian Association of Tanzanian Professionals was identified, to advance Tanzanian professionals in Canada and the business interests of both Canada and Tanzania.

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